5 Little Resolutions We Should Make Right Now

This is something really nice to read every year that is why I am reblogging this article. Nice read.

Thought Catalog

So far, I’ve tried to reserve judgment on the whole New Year/New Person thing because I don’t think I’m so far gone that I need to completely alter my entire existence (I’ll save that for my 30s, thank you). But still, whenever the holidays come around, I’m left with a renewed sense of purpose to discover and embrace exactly who I am, whoever that is. The crisp air promises new beginnings, and the hype surrounding New Year’s Eve is at best inspiring and encouraging, and at worst, inescapable. So while I can’t promise to go to the gym every day in 2014 or to cut out sweets for the new year, here are the kinds of life resolutions I think we should try to pursue every day, not just on January 1st:

1. Be kinder.

Not in the when-everyone-is-watching-I-can-put-on-a-smile-and-play-nice kind of way, but in the genuine, all-by-yourself, nice for the…

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