Let go of the things you can’t control

Reading inspirational books have made me look at the world at a different limelight. Although starting this is kinda hard and makes me feel like crying for trying to see the good in every situation. It takes a toll on you somehow because you are still not used to the idea but you are struggling to invert bad emotions.

I see that looking at every possibility to grow and be a better you is promising because in the future it is you who will get the most from it. Let people do their thing. It will affect your schedule, your date and your most awaited reunion or whatever and you just want to be grumpy and angry and want to be isolated from the world. Close your eyes for 10 secs. Feel the pain. And let it sink in. Think of it as an opportunity to explore yourself more. Meet other people. Do some productive stuffs and whatever. Let the pain disappear because it does not matter. You are just over reacting because you are expecting things to go your way. To go as planned.

I have always been the expecting type but I don’t let people know that I am expecting them to do this and that. I would just text like ‘Oh. Okay’ then add nonchalantly ‘:)’ at the end like it’s nothing at all although deep inside I am kind of hurt. I don’t like feeling important at all but it is good to know if you are treated special by people. It is sweeter that way knowing that people are genuinely concerned about you.

Now, reading almost half of the Happiness code by Domonique Bertolucci makes me think that the only thing I can control is my feelings and to not end up being hurt is to not expect anything from things, from people in which you do not have a control of. It’s their choice to do whatever they want and you get to choose what to feel.


Well, right now I still have a hard time figuring out stuffs but I know I’ll get there and eventually perfect this whole examination called Life. 🙂

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