It has been awhile really since I have posted a post here in my blog. Although I don’t get as much view as I did lately but it’s okay. I write because this is what i wanted to post and besides writers should be given the right to publish whatever content they wanted to like birds soaring different skies.

So, back to my post.

MATURITY, is the state where an individual is fully grown as free online dictionary defines it but, as to what? The dictionary failed to elaborate but maturity is not something you can just define with words. It takes a certain situation to know how mature an individual could get.

This is also something a lot of people lack. We may, at times, assert that we are matured enough but there are just those times where you feel you get lost. Ignoramity has its cons but so is maturity. Sometimes you feel like it is way better to be ignorant that to understand things.

It takes its toll on weak-willed people which i think leads to suicide. There are no studies that could prove what I just said but if its not that, then what? Maturity is something you can learn overnight or maybe years or decades depending on the situation. You can read how tos over the inetrnet, books or even some phrases on candy wrappers but it takes a lot more effort to execute them.

As most things in life, like happiness, I believe that maturity is also a decision one must to take or leave. It requires wisdom to do so.