I guess a lot of our personality was built during the rough years during Grade School and specially in High School. Our parents contributed a lot on these personality formation years. Recently, I was having trouble with sorting out which are the things I should do or not which brought me into thinking how I became the person I am right now.

The past few months, I seemed to have forgotten why why I like this. I have always thought about my experiences which have made me tough but today, it seems that my experiences is only a part of who I really am. Reading manga and watching anime have surely brought back the child that I was trying so hard to hide unconsciously because I somehow need to grow up and live like an adult.  I realized that these things helped me to become who I am right now. The more I think about the more it makes sense. I know that I need to separate reality from fantasies but I couldn’t help but to be idealistic.

Anime have brought into that place that I have been dreaming about. Ideal as it may sound but at least I know that with it you can something with your current status, that whatever you do, your decision is crucial.

It is all thanks for the artist out there which makes the life of a simple [self-proclaimed] otaku more meaningful. Incorporating in my life, learning from stories which are crafted magnificently. Now I can say that my personality right now is greatly influenced by anime.