Thought Power :3

Think the way you think and what you think is what you get.
-Magne :3


I am not sure if that even makes sense or maybe it does to different people. I don’t usually start writing with a quote but since I want to make this a little different and I want to use the word first time. 🙂


I don’t own the thought of the quote. I just read this on the articles and books on positive thinking but I actually rephrased it, but I can’t own it but I just did. heck, i want to see my name on this page. lol. no copyright infringement intended but nobody claims this thought. It is universal anyway. So no more dilly dallying. I’ll start with, hmmn, (I actually look crazy writing this cause I am waving my hand and reading this aloud as if I am talking to somebody. Glad I am alone in my room. Not that I expect people to read this but I do expect my future self to and that I might give myself a good full belly blasted laugh. And now I really do sound crazy)


Sooooooooooooooooo, I got my PhD on positive thinking from countless self-help books and articles over the world wide web but that does not actually entitles me to be called an expert. I need more experience points for this but for now lemme share what I’ve achieved so far from this whole “what you think, you attract” thingy.


I started thinking positively when I was in college and everything went exactly as I thought; From responsibilities, books I like to own, people I want to meet, opportunities I want to take, food I want to eat(well this one really works with a little bit of coercion, trust me this works 😉 )and possible love affairs(but none succeeded, fortunately) and……and……and the exams I want to pass(but this one requires reading a lot of my notes which I didn’t have and listening to my teachers which I don’t frequently do). What I am trying to say is that our own universe – which is our thoughts – is very powerful and that we should use it to make us better people. To create a better tomorrow for us. So for example? (Damn, I am making this post a very long one. I bet no one will ever reach this point. Or yes there is. I remembered the future me :3 Hello Magne. Shoutout from the past :3 I really sound crazy. I even write my side notes. Wth, this is my note anyway.)


Let’s say I am an over thinker and that all I could possibly think of, is the worst case scenario and that my brain is already mapping out every possible way out of every possible situation. (I’ve been actually been here and I am glad I’m way pass this point….hopefully) . While I am busy mapping out virtually everything in my head, events happen, problems are created and solutions are hard to come up because my brain is still wired with mapping everything and I need go back to square 1. Tabula rasa. I need an empty space in my brain so I could produce a solution for the problem but before that I need a caffeinated drink. My head is under pressure, heart palpitating(this is due to excessive caffeine on my bloodstream, most probably) and dramas everywhere. Eyes well up and I sulk and I eventually have to pressure my neurons. And I probably have a big black accent under my eyes.


That’s what happens when I  over think. Well, the good thing about over thinking (“sometimes”) is that it leads me to a better decision and wiser life choices. Though there are times when I forget to live. Forget that I need to be happy too. That I need to make mistakes and to learn from them.


I can say that I am generally happy now because all I could think of thinking is the brighter side of things and what I could probably get from it. It doesn’t have to be material or monetary. I don’t get fixated about the things that is taken from me e.g. time, money, effort, resources, etc. There are a few things that could make me feel sad but doesn’t affect my overall mood except when the thought is really really really stupid and you keep shoving it in my “your-joke is-not-so-funny-face”.


So much for today. It’s 10:32 in the morning and I may have reached the daily quota of the average words women say in a day. Damn. I need to shut up.



NOT. 😀


Ciao! :3


Trivia: METACOGNITION – cognition about cognition. meaning being able to think what we are thinking. remember when we always respond to the question “what are you thinking?” with “i don’t know”. 🙂