Money Talk

WTH is wrong with people nowadays. I seriously hate it that this thing controls everything. Controls hierarchy, controls treatment to others, controls how you think of yourself or so people who’ve got a lot of this think so.

It pisses me off to think that the world’s solution to trade is money which is also the world’s greatest problem.

Why can’t we: 

Live peacefully without having to stress that WE are earning money.

Live happily without even having to insert that we spent a lot of money

Go on and spend everyday of our lives living the way we did without even comparing salaries

I am actually tired of all this stuff. I don’t want to live in this community where life revolves around money. I just want to storm out of our house and live alone somewhere where people would not talk about money and just give whatever you want and have to give.

How I wish we could all go home in our house with my siblings without having to talk about money. Go to bed without hearing squabbles about how easy money would come to them.

It is bad for me to think about this kinds of problems but it is killing me. I need a place on my own. Earn my own money. Give money for my parents. I want to be good at whatever I want to do and be happy with it.

It is the stuff here in the Philippines. You think of your own family before leaving them.

You can go around and talk with your family everyday of your life. Seeing them live healthy and all. Going to mass with them.

Sometimes you need to go with all this crap about money, too.

P.S. I still love them though.