Every girl is still worth the effort

The world is very liberated and even third world countries acting like they’ve been liberated all their lives thanks to the internet. Girls admitting they like boys and boys abusing that fact don’t treat girls special anymore because they are confident that they already have a special place. Well, it’s a crap.

Every girl is still worth the effort

Every girl deserves to hear the sweetest words at the perfect moment.

Every girl is not an activity that you only do as a pastime.

Every girl have the right to feel special.

Every girl should feel like a princess in their princes’ eyes. If not don’t waste your time because in the future you will end up getting hurt waiting to be special. Leave now. Don’t invest emotionally because you’ll be seen as obsessed. Or if you’ve been trapped already better get some for yourself. Always reserve a spot where you can’t be touched. A spot where no one can break. Men who don’t exert much effort to be with you or communicate with you is not worth your apathy. Let them prove to you that they deserve because if not, there are a lot of men who are willing to give you the attention you need. The care that you deserve.

I hate to admit but ladies wanted to feel like they are babied. That they can be safe in the arms of their super heroes. That nothing can ever hurt them, not even ants. Girls are always longing the feeling of security that is why they tend to get closer to douches because they might protect them from harm or so they thought. They caused themselves more harm.

Give yourself a break. Everyone deserves a better treatment. If you are just there to enjoy the journey then make it sure that the journey is worthwhile. That the adventure is worth the risk.

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