I found the 2nd that I love to do most

I never ever really thought that I would get satisfied this much like how I get satisfied after reading. It’s running/jogging. Well, I was always fixated in getting thin because as much as I don’t want to listen to people telling me how fat I became etc etc that is why I started jogging in the afternoon. The first was really really tiring because I don’t think I got any result in jogging a little and then walking a lot but that didn’t stop me. I continued the 2nd time and successfully I got it going until now. I read and read and read a lot of stuffs about how beneficial running is to just keep me going. Until it became really routinary. And yeah, I got a few inches off and lose some pounds but that was just that. Made me happy a little and moved on. It’s been almost 3 months now that I am running. Until recently, running was not for losing weight anymore.

The life defining moment for me was when my brother asked me to jog at our Capitol(it’s what we call the compound where all government offices are) and I said yes without knowing that we are going to a fun run. I have been going to fun runs since last year but I could not see the fun in it until this particular fun run. The run was a little disorganized and sloppy but wth it was life defining for me. All my efforts in running gave fruit during this run. I left my brother and got ahead of him. And there was my former “manliligaw”(that’s a filipino term for people who court you) which I almost gave a yes to until I learned that he was also courting other women when he said those 3 sweet words to me and I even gave him the privilege of hearing my first time to utter those 3 sweet words. In short he is a douche and I got way past him with a smug on my face like I was saying “in your face douche!” but I know he won’t get the message because first he don’t even know the word douche. Sorry I just need to do that once in a while. And getting straw rings every kilometer gave me a sense of fulfillment. Unbridled joy as I call it. Pure. And I never thought I would finish 5k with almost running all throughout. The times I walked is when I got tired of running because we are in a slope btw, did I mention we are running in a hill? the rain started to pour but I can’t let that stop me from getting to the finish line and I finished the race! 🙂 That moment was like wth? I could do this. I could do more. I want to do more.

Wearing these straw bracelet like a badge. Sorry for looking so haggard. :)

Wearing these straw bracelet like a badge. Sorry for looking so haggard. 🙂


I immediately texted a friend who also is an avid runner and asked him how many rounds should I run in the oval(our local sports center) to get at least 10K and he said it was 25 rounds and I was like ‘Okay. I can do that. 🙂 I just need a little practice.’ There was no question of whether I could do it or not because I was so determined to get that feat. To get to that goal. And I did that today. I just finished running for 1 hour and 30 mins and finished that 25 effin rounds. I can only do 15 rounds when I was just thinking about getting thin and all but today the goal was to get a 10km run for that next fun run that I will be joining. Just a note it was not pure jogging. It was a mixture of jog and run and a water break. I was just so happy. I can’t even put words into how happy I really am. My head was so clear and calm. Adrenaline pumping. Blood rushing through and fro my organs invigorating my every cells. Yeah, I felt that because there was nothing going on in my head. Naturally I would overthink but today I was just like happy. That is why I said it was pure. And I want this feeling. I would do this everyday to get high on happiness. I don’t care about weight or how thick the inches in my waist is anymore. I just want to run because being happy is much more inspiring and a better motivator. I just want to feel good. Helps me feeling positive. Gave me much more confidence in facing the day. And I am actually wearing a smile right now. It never went out since I finished the run 🙂

Just a running insight.

Getting better each day.

Ciao! till the next random post.

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