I am a Teacher and I am not effective at it.

Or so I think.

I really get high respect for teachers

They would get up early in the morning try to wear a hundred of fake smiles because it will be a long day for them and one by one those smiles are being removed by jack assess who are so full of themselves trying to be important.

They question teachers about stuffs that the teacher has nothing to do about and gets criticized for a blank answer.

Students joke a lot. Teachers like that.

It’s a no-no when Students hits below the belt.

Now I understand why teachers sometimes needs to be jack assess themselves because even if they don’t they’d still get broken.

I try to be at my best but it feels insufficient when you see students not coming in your class, or asks you to cancel your class and they’d ask you directly if you could excuse them for the entire semester.

It maybe a joke but sometimes it hits you like a bullet. A tiny remark but detrimental.

It gets you thinking, “Am I effective enough?”

I know, I’m being idealistic when I’d say that classes should be like 90% diligent students and 10% jack asses.

Today’s times have definitely influenced kids[not that I am too old but arggg! just to set the gap.]

They are so full of themselves that they’re floating into thin air. I hope the drop is not too painful when that air ran out.

I know I was a bit of a jack ass myself but not to the point that I’d disrespect my teacher right in their faces. I still give an once of respect because they are still my teacher.

I’d love to be friendly but students get to abuse you and think they’d get away with everything because you’re friends.

I’d love to shove hurtful words to them but I think they’d have enough

I’d love to curse but I can’t

I’d love to give them a piece of my mind but I won’t or it’ll be used against me

I can’t do this anymore not that I can’t teach

but I don’t want this kind of burden. This huge responsibility of taking care of kids you do not own.

I don’t want to be kind to jack assess

I don’t want to talk to jerks

I don’t want to shape some air head’s future


I should because I am still their teacher.