On finding jobs

Disclaimer: I am in no way an expert on this matter nor what I say is a fact but this is all based from my job hunting experiences and countless stuffs that I’ve read over the internet.

So finding a job for the 21st century is actually easy

it would be the Sheldon Cooper easy way. If you watch big bang theory you would actually know who Sheldon is and how crazy amazing his brain is, minus the social skills though

but for someone like me who needs to struggle to get a high-grade in school needs more work done than Sheldon do. I don’t get an instant job offer, no ranking whatsoever in the biggest brain contest(if there is one). Not that I am negatively self-talking right now –oh yes, I do — but not thoroughly negative though. Don’t worry something positive will be written later on

Basically, I should have said “It is hard and tedious and its a painstaking work to go to one company to another. Have an interview here and there and not getting in. It’s like I could score 1 application out of a hundred [No, that’s an exaggeration but that could happen to anyone]”

It takes a whole lot of confidence to ask for an examination and face the interviews but what is confidence? I am sure the internet has loads of technical definitions on confidence and certainly there are how tos on being confident. You can do that but add this to your definition. Confidence is a side-effect of knowledge.

Why the heck do I need to say that?

Because we want to try aiming to say that job hunting is easy. We don’t really need a Sheldon Cooper like brain, all we need is confidence in ourselves and confidence that our knowledge could get us through examinations and interviews. Basically, a lot of people are afraid during these times.

I am too.

And for all first timers who don’t have a wide perception on things because they were busy living the life of a care free student but it is never too late to actually change this. We just need a little preparation and were ready to go.

When I say preparation, I mean, we need to read and read on the subject matter or the course needed for the job we want to apply to. We don’t need to be an expert but its a plus if you’ve done some projects. Gather specific companies you wanted to apply into as an intern.

It is a must that you go out and explore on your own because this will give you an experience boost. *wink* *wink*

If possible, get a certification in that particular field but it’s crazy expensive so you need some crazy amount of money. There are sites that provides online education, some are free and some charge a little amount to compensate the expenses of the site(they give you credits too! like getting a verified e-diploma). Only in this way that you could be confident and charge to that dream job you wanted to land.

One more thing, you need to claim it. Claim that you’ll get the job. And you’ll definitely get the job because the Universe will pave way for you to get that thing that you wanted most and because your actions are directed towards it.

Think positive.

Ciao! Till the next post! 🙂