Summer Break

Summer Break

I’ve got great big news….


I know I shouldn’t be excited about this but yeah, I feel that I am and there is no denying this fact. I resigned because there is a need for me to grow and learn more. Look at the internet, it’s full of stuffs that I can learn from and things to practice with. Being in the company where I am in right now can’t provide this stuff for me and I am actually looking for more.

It’s been 8 months and I know there can be a little issue on my loyalty here but what can I do. I am young and I know what I wanted and I don’t like it where I am now.

So now, I thought of things to do while I’m having my Summer Break [I don’t want to call it Days of being Unemployed. It’s not Cool.]

Here’s the list:

  • Code more using the and
  • Test a Win 7 and Win 8 using VirtualBox in an Opensource OS
  • Use and Study Services in the cloud

I will be blogging all about this so the whole wide web could have reference regarding this experiment.