On Challenges

I personally believe on fate and destiny but in a twisted and in a very different way. I have read quite a lot of books that taught me that circumstances can be chosen and fate is not something that acts on its own. It is triggered by every decision that we make and every step we take.

Formula to destinyI am quite a fan of anime(s) and I kind of see the point where parallel universes exists. Meaning that for every option that we have there is a direct proportional fate and/or destiny. Well, I am not able to explain about the science behind this but please follow me with your gracious imagination. Let’s compare this to a  game where you first choose your character – a boy or a girl – you choose what your character is and then a set of options is presented. You choose what path you want. A dual blade, a knight, a berserker, or a mage. Whatever you choose there is already a path for the type you want hence the parallel universe.  And then the cycle continues and futures are being re-enacted for real.

Each moment a parallel universe is destroyed. I don’t want to think deeply on this as I already have. I am not after the technicalities of the subject matter nor do I present a paper on this to prove its existence.

What I am trying to present here is that like in role playing games, we can personally choose our circumstances, to ask for the fate that we want, to be able to get to where we want to go. To that dream we kept dreaming about.

Choose your circumstances carefully. There will be times where circumstances are inevitable, don’t hide from it because it is the universe’s way to say that you need to stay on your track.

It’s nice to get sidetracked at times but never forget to go back on track. Remember, your dreams is where you mind wanders during idle time.

Till next random thought. Till the next random post.