Decision by Paulo Coelho

I have always been blogging about decision and how I see it so right now I’m gonna blog about my inspirations. This is why I became the person I am today is because of the people who inspired me to do things that I am happy doing.

In the limelight is: Paulo Coelho

Which is true because it all starts in out own universe. Our mind. Then when we decided to settle with what we what we start to visualize how to arrive with that decision. I will be blogging about The Secret soon because it was one of the books that had me all these positive stuffs in my life.

We are and the moment we stop thinking that we can the moment we start losing the battle with our fears. We will be stucked somewhere we don’t want ending up. We will live our lives asking ‘what ifs’ and always grumpy about life and how it is so unfair with you.

There is also one thing why people stay where they are and don’t pursue their dreams. It’s because they never realize what is their mission at all. They never had time to think.

I am not an expert with this but what I can say is that I know what I want right now and I am going to fulfill my destiny whichever way I can. And if this won’t work out for me then I will keep of searching because I can and I won’t let anything or anyone question me.

This is true. What matters is your opinion about yourself and no one else.

Make the most out of it while you live. We never know when we need to go.


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