And so it’s my birthday! :3

Hey hey ho! It’s my 22nd birthday. Hooray! 🙂 Well, it is not much of a fuss really because I don’t want it to be that big. I want a silent and very private birthday. I just deactivated my facebook account because I don’t want everyone to know that it is my birthday. I wanted a few dozen significant people to remember my birthday not because facebook told them so but because they genuinely remembered my birthday. The thought is more sincere and touching in this case.

I don’t want to ask for gifts. I am not the type. I am not the type to appreciate material things unless if they are book related stuffs or a book itself but if it isn’t then forget it. Lol. I appreciate effort and presence more than anything else. I don’t go around people boasting ‘hey! it’s my birthday do this and that for me’. I am happy when people just do things because they wanted to do it for me. Oheeeemgeee. I am getting a little emotional here but before I get out of topic I’ll start by:

I want to give more than I receive today. Basically, this is my new year because today is the anniversary of my birth date. And a lot of things have happened over the past year and all I can see is the good stuff that came in, the generous people who I’ve met, the countless times I have been saved from my stupidity and of course the thousand of lessons I am learning through the days that is passing by. Maybe it is the way I look at the brighter side and sunny side of things but heck, I want to give. It is more fulfilling that way when you see random people painting a smile on their face for your good deeds.

Today, I’ll be going to a local orphanage and feed the kids. I’ve organized a few prizes for parlor games and this is definitely an improvement of what I did last year.


Last year, due to lack of preparation I only sent some foods to the orphanage and watch the kids eat.

Today, I thought I was not going to do this because of the expenses lately that we have but thanks to my gracious father who have supported me in everything. I mean ev-er-y-thing that I wanted to pursue. We have prepared a little something for the kids at RSCC (This is the name of the orphanage) and Haven(This is the name of the house for abused women).  I asked a few friends and family to join me in facilitating the game because I know for sure the joy of giving entertainment to other people. It is a fulfilling activity. It makes you better than complete.

So why am I writing this? Because I need this for future reference. I wanted to look back and compare my improvements through the years. I want to make this a tradition instead of a one time thing. Next year, hopefully I’ll be financially stable and do something a little more grand than this year.

Hopefully I can post photos later after the activity. :3

P.S. To the future me,

if you are reading this then perhaps you are planning something for the orphanage. make it a little grand okay? more candies and candies and candies 🙂 more games. invite people to participate. just make this fun not only for the kids but for the people you invited.