bizzare love no-angle :|

This was a post from my old blog – – I really can’t imagine me blogging all these stuffs but I am happy that I did 🙂

love is the most sweetest and yet the most painful experience.

they say it’s wonderful.

some yells it’s all f*cked up.

they twinkle it in their eyes that it’s heaven

some even shout that it’s hell

well i do not know

i’m naive

i do not f*cking know

i don’t really care

i flirt

you flirt

they flirt

we all flirt

in a way that we do not see directly

we say we’re innocent but how far?

you’ve exploit the word LOVE

you’ve damaged its reputation

now it’s coming to get you

not to eat you alive nor skewer you to death

but to let you know the word LOVE is not simply

a game played by fools.