So this is a very random post because I am writing about personalization [I checked it on google. There’s a word personalization. Not like I don’t know but I kind of like to add suffixes to almost all words because they sound like they could go together that is why I am not sure if there is and there’s not]. So back to personalization, I am just doing this because I got a new laptop(which isn’t brand new, btw, a new hand me down stuff 😛 ) and I wanted to have some connection it. I don’t have a name for it yet because I can’t think of something yet. Well, not that it matters though.

A lot of my stuffs don’t have names nor am I looking for one unless I’ve got some strong connection with a word and when I hear it an object of mine appears on an imaginary bubble thought.

So why am I writing about this? I am not sure where I am going but I’ll just with it.

Personalizing something is like putting an identity to something. Like for example me, you and everybody else. We were given identity by giving us names, different environment variables, educational backgrounds and that gives us our identity, our character. We all are classified as humans but what separates us is our identities. Sounds like some computer concept – yes, it is – but we could use it to benefit our everyday life.

There is this thing called sentimental value, why is this so? Well, basically because we invested some time, effort and resources in something which makes it hard to let go even if they’re already scraps. What makes this interesting is that when you give something of value(sentimental) to a friend or a relative, it makes the item’s worth more valuable than a new store bought item.

This is how you give a piece of yourself to someone else. It is how you build precious relationships. That is how to keep the fire burning.

I think I’ve gotten far in thought with personalization.

Till next random thought. Till the next random post.


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