Blurred Vision

These times,  tablets, smart phones and laptops and computers are things you need to survive, not that I am saying that literally but when you get used to it I think you might just – you know, die from boredom. This millennium has started carving the future that people from my millenia has foreseen[btw, was born in the 90s]. Everything at a click of a button. No more tedious task because smart became smarter. It’s like the laziness of people nowadays is tantamount to how much the moon revolves around the earth. Levels of procrastination has been heightened and  people getting manipulated by the internet. Being hypnotized at every software update.

Tumblr has putting blogging beyond the weird scale. Funny but no relevant post whatsoever content.

Instagram is now the most used photo sharing site. Photographers and amateurs alike are posting every minute about the beauty of the captured picture but forget to live that beautiful moment. Some just wanted to post their vanities in life. Beautiful people looked more beautiful and people who are trying to look beautiful looked okay with different angles and lighting.

Foursquare has increased the numbers social climbers to put their location at every turn. Even at their own houses. As someone who is literate with IT stuffs, I think the main goal of foursquare is put locations about businesses so that customers can actually put some ratings and reviews.

Twitter has upgraded social interactions with simple tweets and everything getting hashtagged. Trends around the world started from relevant to just something out of the blue because we are out of smart trends.

Facebook have definitely affected all these social media platforms because it is the most popular and most used site. Sharing made more efficient and easy. Posting statuses and locations and reviews, and comments, and like and stalking and stalking and stalking.

I am guilty with all of these social media platforms except foursquare but I use this with moderation. There are some people who use these sites to show off. Getting ticked with everything they see with no relevance at all. Life passes them as they tick their phones and computers and update everything at once. Thus, procrastination has reached the peak of Mt. Everest. (Yay!)

People getting blurred visions about what is important about life. What needs to be seen and what needs to be given attention. Although, there are a lot of instances where social media has also heightened social awareness about things, government and the like. The internet like every other things must be used with moderation because too much is bad.

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