Sensitivity is so touching when properly used

Seriously, when will people learn the true value of sensitivity towards what others feel. I am not saying to please the other always but sometimes we go beyond what is accepted. And that is annoying. We get sensitive about stuffs that don’t matter but the SIMPLE ones that we usually avoid to notice.


I couldn’t help but to put this into writing but because a lot of people need to read this. Why sometimes it is not bad to be sensitive. Here are some of the points we must consider when we are somewhere populated by a group of people i.e. the house.

1. Respect Bed Time Hours

There is a line with being close and being close. Yeah, if somebody(let’s refer it as ‘it’ cause sometimes ‘it’ doesn’t get to be respected) is huggy and smiling a lot of times doesn’t give you enough permission to put on the speakers very loudly especially when ‘it’ just had their slumber.


If your reason is that you are very happy and want to put on your music then there is no problem at all but use your headphones. That way it is a win-win situation. You don’t get to piss ‘it’ but still enjoying your music.

2. Think as if you are the other.

I remembered this because somebody has asked me about this lately and asked me what this is about. I translated it in  our local dialect because the phrase speaks for themselves already. I was also asked to elaborate it and I said I couldn’t think of any because I was playing with my tab but now I can elaborate.

If you are pissed off with something that other people do, then think about it when you do that simple thing that pisses you off when others do it so that in there you can already think that it is not good and not do it. It is so basic that we forgot that it is necessary.

I can’t think of anything to add here yet but I promise to get back to this post once I thought of something that we better be sensitive about.

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