Tomorrow is election day

I guess tomorrow is the day every running politician is looking forward to.
This is the day that would define the winner of this fierce battle.

Here in the Philippines, politics is a business everybody wants to partake to.
Politicians spend a lot way more than they should in campaigning.
People need to be known in the place they are to be voted.

Need not to say, people do still buy votes because people in a third world country like mine still hoping to get easy money
considering the kind of life a lot of us have here.

People kept on saying the cliche platform of change but what difference do they do when they are actually in the position.
Not much.
My country pretty much stay as it is.

What I am proud of is that its people strive hard to give it their best and little by little standing on our feet.
Being the next generation, I know that change need not to come from the government but from the people.
Politics in the future will never be a business anymore.

With the use of the internet people are becoming learned.
They become more intellectual.

Tomorrow will be rough.
I don’t trust this election but I trust on tomorrow.
The next generation of leaders not just for my country but for the whole world.

Children are now being aware of the atrocities of the world and we fight.

Our little voices will not be heard this coming elections but I know and I believe in tomorrow.

Vote Wisely. Vote for tomorrow.